Back to basics!

In the world of filmmaking, often technical jargons makes people forget the prime objective behind making the film and that is...

"Connecting and Persuading your target segment."


Who is your target segment? What they care? How to establish connection? What action you want them to take in the end?

If film is made without answering such questions, then your campaign becomes big gamble and entire budget goes in vain.

Camera Size Does Not Guarantee Success

People make big mistakes when they measure success of their film based on their camera and studio equipment. 

Shooting film with 25-Lackh-Rupees-Camera is worthless if content of the film lacks clarity, however, if you have clear content strategy and shoot film just by iPhone, then film brings massive impact comparing to a film shot by 25-Lackh-Rupees-Camera. 

However, that doesn't exclude critical skills of filmmaking. The point is everything serves purpose. 

Why Rihaan Patel?

Rihaan Patel, being brilliant filmmaker, is also a content strategists for films that holds proven track record. 

He has been serving various sectors such as corporate companies, start ups, social and political organizations, freelance individuals and consultants. 

Moreover, he has executed different form of films such as animation, documentaries, short films, visual effects and visual poetry which became viral. 

Furthermore, he completely invest himself in the project on his hand. 

If you want someone whom you can trust then Rihaan is the answer!

What is Film Campagin

Film campaign is designed based on communication objective that company need to achieve. Not single template works for all company and their products. 

For example, here are some examples of different context in which content strategy varies. 

  • Launching new company / product / service or idea
  • Differentiating You company / product / service or idea from competition 
  • Persuading your target segment to purchase your product
  • Encouraging loyalty of your existing customers.

It is crucial to identify the context of the campaign and return of value it can bring to your comapny. 

Film Campaigns For



Identifying core values and characteristic of leader and promoting it through effective film camping that promotes their idea and policy to desired target audience. 

Social Impact Organization


Designing and executing film campaigns for an organization which intends to promote a cause, events and policy that mitigates social issue, leading to positive transformation. 



Carrying out a film campaign for your products or services that leads to more sales, brand visibility and advocacy in desired target group. 

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