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    Rihaan Patel is an influencer filmmaker based in India who have worked on 100+ film projects and won national and international awards. Find out filmography in detail: 

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    Promoting ideas, products or services for social impact organizations, mission driven business and visionary leaders by narrative and documentary films. 

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    Identifying core values and characteristic of leader and promoting it through effective film camping that promotes their idea and policy to desired target audience. 

    Social Impact Organization

    Designing and executing film campaigns for an organization which intends to promote a cause, events and policy that mitigates social issue, leading to positive transformation. 


    Carrying out a film campaign for your products or services that leads to more sales, brand visibility and advocacy in desired target group. 

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    If you have an offer, opportunity, or introduction in regards to Rihaan Patel's creative service for film production in india, then email us at admin@rihaanpatel.com 

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    Rihaan Patel is no longer available on any social media platform since 1st July 2017. If anyone pretending to be him then consider it as a fake profile and kindly report it to legal department of respective social media services. 

    Due to confidentiality agreement, we do not share some of our work on internet.